In partnership with our community, CAPCA is committed to administering high quality programs and services that address economic need, educate, and promote the self-sufficiency of eligible participants.


We believe that in order for citizens to succeed certain key ingredients such as opportunity and resources are essential. Statistics show that poverty touches a large proportion of Americans over their lifetime. Sometimes it is a chronic condition that persists over several generations. More often, poverty comes as a consequence of life’s unremarkable tragedies-illness, job loss, divorce or disability – that can destroy a family’s ability to support itself. Regardless of the cause, most families struggle against their predicament, and many fight their way out of poverty. CAPCA can provide ways to assist in waging this fight against poverty.


Goal 1:  Individuals and families with low incomes are stable and achieve economic security.

Goal 2:  Communities where people with low incomes live are healthy and offer economic opportunity.

Goal 3:  People with low incomes are engaged and active in building opportunities in communities.


  • Employment
  • Education & Cognitive Development
  • Income, Infrastructure & Asset Building
  • Housing
  • Health/Social Behavioral Development Civic Engagement & Community Involvement