The Reality Enrichment and Life Lessons (REALL) project is a simulation designed to challenge youth to think critically about how choices and decisions made in adolescence may have consequences in adulthood.

REALL addresses many basic life competencies needed to succeed

  • Identify components and sources of income
  • Explain how financial resources affect the choices people make
  • Demonstrate how to use the services available from financial institutions
  • Compare the benefits and cost of alternatives in spending decisions
  • Analyze how career choice, education, skills, and economic conditions affect income and goal attainment

The reall simulation

A REALL simulation is divided into three activity sessions and lasts approximately three hours.

First, the orientation will explain the simulation rules and expectations.

Second, youth assume a different identity and live life by the choices that person made.  During the Reactive Session, they will live their lives as if they made poor decisions in their youth (all have dropped out of high school, some have past legal histories, some have low paying jobs, etc.).  The  Proactive Session focuses on someone who made positive choices (all have graduated high school and are employed at a living wage.)  During both sessions, the youth must meet adult level responsibilities such as  going to work, paying bills and caring for children.

Finally, during the debriefing, youth will divide into small groups to discuss the tough choices they had to make in the Reactive Session and the successes of the Proactive Session